As you can imagine we get quite a few questions from you guys. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up and we are nearly always answering a question that’s been answered before.

We’ve put together a frequently asked questions section for you guys so you can hopefully get a answer faster than we can provide it. Plus it allows us to spend our time more effectively; getting killer tips for you!

Where's my password, you said it would be emailed!?
Calm down…like we said, your password will be emailed to you. Please keep checking your inbox as well as your junk/trash/spam folder as 99% of the time it goes in there. It will arrive. Plus if you don’t rescue it from the junk and sign up as a top dog…where do you think your top dog emails are going to go?
I haven't received today's tips!
We email tips out around 10/11pm of an evening, if you signed up at 9am on Monday morning; your emails won’t start until Monday evening. If you’ve been signed up a while and you’ve not received them they may have gone to your junk/spam or you may have been downgraded on our system.. You can log in to check your account status by heading here it will tell you what level you are – if you’re down to a free subscriber then you may have missed a payment.
Do you back all of your own tips?
Although we have great confidence in every tip we provide, we are not here to gamble. We are here to find best markets and bets for our customers. There’s many a discussion among the team about whether to back all of our tips and the general consensus is that it’s bad form to mix business with pleasure. When your passion becomes your job it’s hard to maintain a level head, so to ensure we don’t have any conflicts of interest that could have a negative effect on our business. We do like to have a flutter like anyone else though and back  some of our tips, just not every single one.  
What qualifies you to advise me on these tips?
We are a team of 4 individuals who all bring different qualities leaving no stones unturned in the information we bring to you, our team consists of football fanatics who know the game inside out and possess great research and analysis skills. Our racing knowledge is second to none with contact in yards across the UK. But don’t forget, in this game nothing is guaranteed! We like to think that you’ll already be a fan of whatever sport it is your betting on – so if you’re thinking of a bet and we advise it as well…then use that as justification for your bets. We provide advise, not promises.
Why can't I log in?
Your password may need resetting, this is easy enough to do – head over to here and we’ll sort yo out.
How come the prices you've shown are different to the one's i'm seeing?
That’s the nature of the game, odds change minute by minute. We advise prices that we saw the tip at during the time of writing, if you’re a top dog there’s a good chance you might get the same odds as you’ll receive the tips via an email that’s sent out once we post the tips. Just try and attain odds as best as you can. Bet365 is our favored bookmaker as they always seem to have the best prices.
How do you calculate profit?
Profit is worked out using a points system where the point is equal to your stake.

For example, your stake is £1.
1 point = £1
So if we decide to place 2 points on a 3/1 tip
Returns will be £80.
Profit of £60!

Then all profit is added up throughout the day to give a final figure.