Jack Doyle Q&A

As a new feature for members and to give some information from jockeys etc we have taken on a new feature of question and answering sessions

The first jockey that has kindly given us their time to answer a few questions is Jack Doyle. Please see below

1.What are you hopes for the next few months? Any goals, targets etc..
A. Well there isn’t much jump racing for the next few months so just trying to keep busy and ride a few winners.

2. What’s the best horse you have ridden so far in your career?
A. Wayward prince when he gets his ideal conditions.

3. What has been your favourite ride of your career?
A. Russian trigger winning the midlands national.

4. Your Horse to watch of remainder of 2013?
A. Seebright when he goes novice chasing.

5. Biggest underachieving horse that could improve dramatically, if any?
A.Nothing that I can think of.

6. Best friend in racing?
A.Aidan Coleman we’ve been friends since our first days pony racing when we were about 12!

7. Race most looking forward to in the remainder of 2013?
All racing

8. Ascot dark horse and possible shock value ?
Unsure as of yet

9. Your Favourite track to ride?
A. Uttoxeter is very fair and the best horse normally wins!

10. Most memorable moment in racing, not involving yourself
A. Kauto star winning his 5 king George was pretty memorable!

11. If you were to advise an aspiring jockey on how to go about hitting big time what would your advice be?
A. Go to a big yard and work hard and if your good enough you will make!

12. Your up and coming ride your most looking forward to?
A. Haven’t got much lined up for the next few weeks.

We extend a massive thank you to Jack for this time

2 thoughts on “Jack Doyle Q&A

  1. Stephen Monaghan

    Very vague interview and he wudnt give you any info when it came to horse info or potential rides

  2. sarah crosse

    Answers are as vague and amaturish like his racing career . People chat of you being a grafter I dont see it . No gumption and waste of a jockey licence in the uk in my opinion.

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