Racing Tips – Tuesday 28th January Evening members! Very pleased to report a profit of 6.12 points today. With just two cards and not great value around the selections threw up a number of shorter prices. Those that we would normally look beyond but with just 12 races short prices were inevitable and it proved successful for us today.
With 4 winners Final assault (7/4), consistent (7/2), boogangoo (11/8) and smalljohn (7/2) we returned 14.12 points. Of our other 3 singles 2 placed (2nd and 3rd) and 1 pulled up during the race.
We were close on the treble too with our first two winning comfortably but our third selection didn’t manage to complete and was also pulled up.

site de rencontres luxembourgeois Now -13.9 points in January and 4 days left to turn this into a profit. Tomorrow we have 7 singles and a WIN treble. 6 early prices available on the singles. Price of the treble to be added in the morning.

go to site Again, tomorrow we have just 2 race cards but more competitive than today. Conditions are difficult and there is a morning inspection at Taunton. If Taunton is off we will have a WIN double.

follow link Good luck to all

meilleurs sites rencontre québec 28/01/14

go here Southwell
1:20 – honest strike 7/2
1:50 – take the lead 5/2
3:20 – waveguide (4/1)
3:50 – Victorian number 4/1
4:20 – two in the pink 11/2

go to site Taunton
3:10 – mentalist 7/2
3:40 – come on Annie 5/1 Treble (price to be added in the morning)
Tau – 2:10 – milo man
Sou – 2:20 – stand guard
Sou – 2:50 – tellovoi January daily results:
1st -7pts
2nd -1.5pts
3rd +10.24pts
4th -5.48pts
5th +8.02pts
6th +18.34
7th -4.5
8th -5.36
9th +1.8
10th -8
11th -6.62
12th +2.9
13th -9.5
14th -5
15th -1.15
16th -1.5
17th -8
18th -12.38
19th +3.08
20th +1.9
21st -10.75
22nd +11
23rd +3
24th -7.18
25th -0.78
26th +14.4
27th +6.12 Total -13.9 points

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