We’re pleased to announce the new look TipsUK

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dating site advertised on pandora Theres been a lot of buzz on twitter of some big announcements we’ve got to make over the next month or so -  http://acps.cat/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/121028-DIARI-ARA-Perdre-la-por-a-parlar-del-Su脙炉cidi.pdf and for the most part the wait is over.

We’re pleased to announce the new look TipsUK and we’re going to take you through some new features that we’ll be unveiling when the new site is fully operational.

Like any large scale operation we’ll be rolling this update out incrementally to our customers over the next couple of weeks; with a look to launch for the new football season!

Above is the homescreen of the new site, as you can see we’ve gone for a minimal look…we’ve really not skimped on the features though. See below for a breakdown of what the new site brings.

https://distillery244.com/frnew1/3667 TipsUK under one roof 

For the past few months, TipsUK has grown to include a whole host of tipsters. The merge with @RacingTips_UK saw a great response from our users and a high demand for the TipsUK Top Dog account! We then recruited a Golf tipster and have provided a few good results on the golf! The new look website will house all of the tips under one roof! that means no more checking seperate sites for tips – simply head to tipsuk.net and you’re good for everything!

follow Earn £££ with TipsUK

Yes, that’s right. We’re going to start paying you!

Our refer a friend scheme will kick in and for every friend you refer you’ll earn a whopping 25% from every transaction that goes through our system….every month. So if you refer 10 people, they complete a months billing each; we’ll send you a cool £25!

If you’ve got a host of followers on twitter or facebook friends, it’s definitely worth recommending us. In a couple of months you could be earning big money with us!

There is a commissions area in when you log-in where you’ll be able to check on how much you’ve earnt. Payments will be paid via Paypal during the middle of the month, so make sure your details are correct or you won’t receive your commission.

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We’re implementing a live chat system that you’ll be able to use should you have any technical difficulties.

Our tipsters will be on hand via twitter as usual but for  http://www.lovelyappetite.com/?milkiwety=site-chat-rencontre-maroc&447=b4 technical help - we have a dedicated support system in place.

rencontres femmes est New way of reporting Profit/Loss for @RacingTipsUK

Over the past few weeks some of our subscribers have been vocal about how they’re struggling to obtain the same odds as when the tips were posted. As a result of this our P/L was somewhat a struggle for our subscribers to match.

We used to put the odds on so users could get a good feel of what the prices were and perhaps snatch some early value. But as we also worked our P/L off this it was a little inaccurate in terms of reporting. Since then we’ve now agreed to take the prices from ‘The Racing Post’. As an independent we feel TRP is the best way of calculating what our tips ran at.

We’re going to start adding back in the prices we’ve seen the horses at during the time of tipping; however we wont use these for P/L calculating purposes. We just wanted to let you all know before we started to add them back in. Hopefully you’ll be able to grab some decent early prices as well!

get link More Articles

As we’ve now got a guest blogger onboard we’re hoping to push you more articles, more interviews and more bang for your buck. Our Q&A sessions with jockeys have proved very popular and we really want to keep upping the quality of our content to keep you engaged. We love tipping, but we love sport more so we’re working on getting a balance of the 2 for all of our followers. After all, the more knowledge you have; the more power!

click FAQ

To help answer the mass of questions we receive on twitter, we’re opening a FAQ section on TipsUK.net to help deal with some of the queries we get on a day to day basis. We’re hoping this will free up our twitter feed a little so you can access the up to date information you guys deserve.

As always we’re continually looking to improve our service, if you have any suggestions; we’re open to suggestions from our members on what we can do to make your experience with us a greater one. If you have any feedback – feel free to get in touch on twitter, or via email.

conocer gente app Stay tuned over the coming weeks and we’ll let you know when we launch!

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